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where sex meets spirit …


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We cover topics including…

healthy relating, good sex,
divine connection, spirituality,
orgasm, energy,
sacred sexuality, tantra, yoga,
sensual healing,
sex workers, finding and trusting them,
goddesses, dakinis, tantrics,
communication, trust,
affairs, infidelity,

tantra sex, lovemaking,
conscious touch,

body energy, prana, chi,
wholistic health, healing,
aging, sexual identity,
prostates, diet, medications,
erections, control,
lust, porn, addiction,
religion and relationship
ancient wisdom, sexual kung-fu,
true satisfaction
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Hello, I’m Ocean.  I am a teacher of tantra, yoga, mind-body health and ecstatic consciousness. I have helped many people with personal intimate problems, using pleasure as our guide to natural wellness.  I found so many of us struggle with the very same issues.  We feel alone yet share the same private pains.

I felt called to offer my knowledge and experience, honestly and intimately, through a private web site …  it is open to adults, who become members … all you need is an email to get started.

… welcome to tantra union, where sex meets spirit…
… lovely, straight forward, intimate, erotic, educational, artistic, personal, heartfelt, informative, real and honest.

This site has mild-adult language, enticing photos, educational information on a variety of sexy subjects in the emerging field of spiritual sexuality.

I also have links in my growing directory of practitioners and colleagues.



It hurt not to share …

Sex is an important issue to most every human being … it is how we got here, and effects our deepest selves. Too many misunderstandings about sex, marriage, religion, relationship, love, ownership and power, have created a world with much pain, misunderstanding and even, violence.    So many people suffer in silence keeping their heartbreaks hidden, alone in fear … these turn into personal issues … the irony is that we’re all having the same issues …  so many of us are suffering with the very same problems.  Let’s bring these into the light of safety, honesty and love … let’s heal these hurts…. with open honest information.



Sex is shamed because it relates to pleasure ?

This is just plain wrong.  We are in a culture where doctors and massage therapists shy away from health care and healing in the pelvic area simply because it has nerve endings related to pleasure.   So many of our health problems are linked to basic ignorance and rejection towards looking at the lower part of our own bodies. Shame around our bottom is simply irrational.  The real reason people are shameful, is because we are shy about our pleasure and intimacy.  Instead of rejecting ourselves, let’s overcome our shyness as a culture, and embrace the amazing parts of our bodies, claim our right to feel pleasure and be healthy … health feels good,



Yes you might get turned on !

That’s just what happens when the pelvis, crotch, genitals, lower half, is engaged.  We humans have lots of pleasure receptors in our lower halves. We generate real energy in our hips.

What can we do with this energy ?  embrace it, ignore it, transform it, misuse it, love it, hate it, enjoy it!

Sex and it’s energy, can be transformed into power, to manipulate or open us into vulnerability and authentic relating.  It can pull us deeper into ourselves as a door way for healing and discovery, personal growth, passion and play.

Whether you feel awkward or beautiful … sexuality is something we all experience.  In this way, we can feel sameness, as humans, we all share this same body/mind function, and in our common experience we can feel more connected and whole.



we are an educational expose on…

tantra yoga, sacred relationship,
sexual wellness and sensual healing!