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tantra, yoga,
mind-body, wholistic health,
healing, aging, sexual identity,
diet, erections, prostates, ED,
lust, addiction, porn,
religion, marriage, affairs, infidelity,
ancient wisdom, kama sutra
goddesses, dakinis, practitioners
conscious touch, awareness,
true intimacy,
real satisfaction,
bliss, pleasure,
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erotic, educational, expert information on

how to increase intimacy and satisfaction


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Hello, I’m Ocean.  I am a teacher of tantra, yoga, mind-body health, and ecstatic consciousness. I have helped many people with personal challenges, using pleasure as a guide to natural wellness.  I found that so many of us struggle with the same personal intimacy issues. Hurting privately, imagining we are all alone, so many suffer with the very same pain.

I felt called to offer my knowledge and experience, honestly and intimately, through a web site.

Open to adults, 18 and over, this site has mild, adult language, enticing photos, helpful articles, and educational information.  We focus on sexual wellness and spirituality.

erotic, educational, expert information on

how to increase intimacy and satisfaction

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