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Why Tantra?

Posted by on Sep 1, 2015 in best of, hot - viewer, Kimberly, Participant, Premier, tantra, Viewer, what's new | 0 comments

coupleWelcome to Tantra. Many traditions teach that desire for carnal pleasures and spiritual aspirations are mutually exclusive, setting the stage for an endless internal struggle between body and spirit….. With no way to reconcile these two impulses, people fall prey to guilt, self-condemnation or become hypocritical. Tantra offers an alternative path.

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Exquisite Breath – Exquisite Arousal

Posted by on Jun 3, 2015 in ancient sexual practices, best of, hot - participant, Participant, pleasure expansion, Premier, tantra practices, Triambika, what's new | 0 comments

take-deep-breathMost of us don’t realize that breathing is a way to heighten pleasure and arousal. Breathing together can be extremely sexy and very intimate. Here’s some tips and inspiration to use breath for synchronized lovemaking, tantric ecstasy and maximum satisfaction!

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Sex and Power

Posted by on Feb 2, 2015 in best of, Rebecca Chaplin, trauma, what's new | Comments Off on Sex and Power

blindfoldThe popularity of pop-media such as “50 Shades of Grey” reflects the intrigue with the rarely addressed topic of sex and power. So what is sexual power? How do we hide from it? What does it feel like in your body, how do we use it for pleasure and play. …. sex and power is not just a part of our personal story- sex and power are part of the collective story.

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Communion ~ Erotic Poetry

Posted by on Jan 19, 2015 in best of, Isis Rose, mystic poems | 2 comments

You can love me with your body,
but you must bring all of you.
Your heart, your soul. Even your deepest fears.
Bringing all.
This love making is a prayer.

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Prostates and Pleasure .. What’s that Secret Spot All About?

Posted by on Oct 21, 2014 in best of, Ocean, Participant, pleasure expansion, Premier | 3 comments

prostate glowNow more than ever, people are wondering about that exciting little spot between men’s legs. Often called the male g-spot, the prostate is the behind-the-scenes center of pleasure. The jury has confirmed, with rigid thumbs up, that prostate stimulation feels good… very, very good.

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Pathways of Pleasure – Energy Sex & Orgasmic Expansion Patterns

Posted by on Aug 27, 2014 in best of, Ocean, Participant, pleasure expansion, Premier | 1 comment

kundalini orgasmic ocean tantra yogaWhat an amazing feeling… ever wonder how your body does that, and how it effects the big picture of your sexuality? Your physical health? Your pleasure responses? Your emotional comfort? Orgasms are energy that pass through the nervous system, leaving pathways of pleasure…in your nervous system

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Porn, Addiction & the Road to Hell

Posted by on Aug 27, 2014 in best of, Ocean, Participant, Premier, sex & porn addiction, Viewer | 2 comments

baby sugar addiction small We all have them, whether it’s chocolate or cocaine, shoe shopping or porn watching, we have subtle things that we render harmless, or think that everyone else is doing it, so what’s the big deal.  The bottom line is… sexual energy is very, very powerful, and what you focus on expands. Porn can trap you into increasing dissatisfaction… learn how to get free.

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Sexuality and Self Image … Aging Like Fine Wine

Posted by on Mar 20, 2014 in best of, Ocean, Participant, Premier, sex & aging, Viewer | 0 comments

Just as they spawned the sexual revolution of the 1970’s
the baby boomers fuel the sexual healing revolution of the 21’s century!

As we age, our needs change, or entire emotional structure changes with our wisdom and perspective on life … Why not, also, our sexual self-image?

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Tantra and Domination … the Cross Roads…

Posted by on Jan 9, 2014 in best of, Ocean, Participant, Premier, temple return -sex work | 6 comments

Sharing my Soul … and Changing Direction … This is a candid confession of what it feels like to be me, a human and a sexual healer… more importantly, the choices I make to stay intact.

While many of my students were sincere and sweet… there were also those with lust and entitlement. They needed more control to reach balance with me in practice … and this exchange, this power charge could easily be eroticized into domination-submission play.

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Intimacy: A Process, Not a Purchase

Posted by on Oct 16, 2013 in best of, Ocean, Participant, Premier, temple return -sex work | 6 comments

hands-touching squareIf you are walking in the door and having an intimate experience with someone you just met. I can guarantee you that is not “intimate.”… while this may feel good or bring you relief or excitement, it won’t bring you satisfaction … in fact, it will lead you deeper and deeper into dis-satisfaction.

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Viagra & Marketing … Victim or Valor? … Need vs. Ease

Posted by on Oct 1, 2013 in best of, erection challenges, Premier | 6 comments


Where is the heart…
When it’s all about keeping it hard ?

Interested in Viagra? Here are some really good questions to ask yourself. I invite you to re-consider your attitude about erections, age, doctors, self-image, intimacy, masculinity and getting your way.

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Working Too Hard for Sex and Finding the Holy Grail

Posted by on Sep 12, 2013 in best of, infidelity, Participant, Premier | 9 comments

holygrailAre you working too hard for sex? Men, Women, Manipulation and Divine Fulfillment.
… the grail is a spiritual quest, not to something, but to a place in ourselves…
I see men everywhere working for sex.
Women withhold sex and make men work for it.
…. sorry ladies, this paradigm of man whipping is approaching obsolescence… it’s time for the the holy grail of the divine feminine to bestow it’s nectar upon thy knight …

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Post-Orgasm Freak Out! … You Just Came, and Now You Want To Go.

Posted by on Sep 12, 2013 in best of, masculine ~ feminine, Participant, philosophy, Premier | 4 comments

post coital snow white
This is about post-orgasmic flight response… ever had that? A clear and humorous take on mind-body conflict and where it can (mis-) lead you.

Your body, whether you call it your divine temple or your bunk house, is where you dwell. It’s here to guide you through earth existence, and it’s got a lot of information plugged into the auto pilot program…especially between your legs!

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