a personal, poetic, introduction from ocean …  

mirror goddess ocean peace tantra yoga


I am ordained high priestess
I serve the great mother
goddess ocean
it is my pleasure to uplift and enlighten

shore ~ dakini 

I am the water rising up to meet you…you are the sand
I am the dakini…you are my consort
We are the shore









Meet me on the edge
Feel my water reaching for your toes
Tapping you with my wetness
Enticing and tickling

Come in
Come in
Come in and join me

Breathe deep
Swim in my depths


 horizon ~ tantra 

The horizon , where the water meets the sky in perfect harmony

Warm, moist, excitement, dynamic tension, peace

Like the tantras of today rising up

Balancing Yang with Yin 

Masculine with Feminine

God with Goddess



water ~ intimacy 

hands reflect



Dive into me, and let me surround you

Perfectly, I touch every part of you at once

steady, gentle, soft pressure


Are you in my arms?

or the womb of the great mother?


Relax into total warmth, safety and trust

This is your birth right

This is the ultimate pleasure


Let me hold you in love

As you glide home






My private area

Are you ready to enter?…

This is the gateway to my private area,

where you can find … informative, straightforward, uplifting, helpful and honest content on spiritual sexuality…

my candid take on the sex industry, how sexual healing occurs within… and what to be careful of …

I am glad you found us … come and join us.

Access our library.  Expert, Erotic, Educational,

knowledge to increase intimacy and satisfaction.